Personal Insurance

Rachid BenMoussa and Trinna LaPlaca BenMoussa


Live life on your terms knowing you and your family are protected.

Everyone wants to protect the people and things they love. This is why we wear seat belts, watch our children, look for good schools, park in a garage, keep a safety deposit box, and so on. But there are things in life that go beyond what we we’re capable of preventing. This is why personal insurance plays such an important role in everyone’s lives to insure that extra bit of protection from the unknown.

At MacLean, we understand the value of the people and things around you, and know how to best protect them. We offer personal policies that cover just about any situation, at competitive prices. Let our 50 years of experience help find the right policy to protect what matters most to you, and your family.

Personal insurance covers just about any part of your life, not related to business. Most common insurances are homeowners, auto and life, but cover many more areas as well.